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Be an amazing Kindergarten teacher AND have a life!

Join our community of 4800+ happy teachers and be DONE with your literacy lesson plans in 2 hours per week max!


Every Month, You’ll Reclaim Your Time and Watch Your Students’ Literacy Skills Soar Thanks To…

Do you…

😭 Leave school exhausted after a 10+ hour day, your to-do list still unfinished?
😭 Fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole searching for activity ideas?
😭 Struggle with finding Science of Reading based activities for your students?

😭 Feel guilty about not having enough time to spend with your family and friends, much less time for yourself?
😭 Dream of the days when you had time for a workout that wasn’t lifting your heavy teacher bag?
😭 Feel like it’s impossible to be a great teacher and still have a LIFE?

I know. It STINKS to feel this way.

But it does NOT mean you're a bad teacher, or that you're doing something wrong.

In fact, I bet you’re a really dedicated teacher.

You want your students to score well on their assessments.

You want to create developmentally appropriate, Science of Reading based, fun lessons — so that your kids come in smiling every morning!!

But the amount of time it takes to pull all this off has got you feeling stressed, overwhelmed — and maybe even questioning if this is REALLY the job you were meant to do.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there...

I’ve spent too many nights lying awake, unable to turn my brain off because I have SO many things to do at school the next day.

I’ve sat comatose in the parking lot for 15 minutes after getting to school, unsure if I have the energy to manage 23 five-year-olds that day, much less get them to learn.

Thankfully, I don’t feel this way anymore.

When I started my master’s program, I could no longer work all those extra hours. So I created repeatable systems and templates that saved me tons of time. Other teachers loved the templates, so I started Learning At The Primary Pond to help even more teachers get their work-life balance back!

Right now, stress and overwhelm may be your reality. But they do NOT have to be your future!


Introducing the Kindergarten Literacy Club!

The place for teachers who want their students to grow into successful readers - but who also don’t want to work hours and hours of unpaid overtime.

As a club member, you’ll have professional development webinars at your fingertips. Brand new Science of Reading based center activities each month. Printable books and lesson plans for your small groups. A supportive community of Kindergarten teachers who get it!


What you get NEW each month as a Kindergarten Literacy Club member:

12 Student Readers and Small Group Lesson Plans

 Highly-decodable readers at different difficulty levels - plus small group lesson plans and assessments

 Save time and easily implement the science of reading!

Value: $30

16 + Differentiated Literacy Centers

 Activities for phonological awareness, phonics, high frequency words, writing, and more

 Keep your students on task with these engaging activities!

Value: $20

1 Professional Development Training Video

 30 minute training on literacy topics requested by our members - watch it anytime and anywhere

 Stay up-to-date and passionate about teaching!

Value: $30

1 Private Q&A
Zoom Call

 Get personalized support from Alison with your teaching - and answers to your burning questions!

 Join live or pre-submit a question and watch the recording afterward

Value: $50

The monthly materials provide consistent structure for your students, while also including enough variety to keep them engaged. This means that your kiddos know what to expect, and you spend less time teaching routines and procedures. 

Consistent structure and engaging activities mean less behavior problems in your classroom and less stress for you!


“The center materials have been a life-saver for me! They’re easy for them to do independently!”

“I have 24 kids… I need to have them functioning pretty independently.”

- Kim, Kindergarten teacher and Kindergarten Literacy Club member

The monthly materials alone are worth $130. But a Kindergarten Literacy Club membership costs only $18 a month.

That’s just $0.60 cents a day! Is saving time, having more engaged and higher-achieving students, and spending more time with your family worth $0.60 a day to you?

And then there’s the bonuses you get instantly when you join…

All of this can be easily accessed inside your exclusive member portal! Having everything in one place makes planning a breeze!


"The BEST PD I've ever done!" 

"I just wanted to send a quick email and THANK YOU. I am new to kindergarten (eleven years teaching and first in kinder) this year and I was feeling completely lost. Someone recommended your website and I am so incredibly appreciative. I signed up for KLC and it has been the BEST PD I've ever done, and I love that I have access to everything when I need it (with two little ones at home it's difficult sometimes!) So I just wanted to thank you- and let you know how much I appreciate all of your work and willingness to share your experience and expertise."


🥳 You’ll have time to make a weekday dinner that comes from the oven, not from the drive-through window.
🥳 You’ll have time to take your kids or dog to the park (on a WEEKDAY!!).
🥳 You’ll spend your Sunday afternoons watching football, or reading, or…doing, well, whatever YOU want!

And don’t feel selfish for even ONE second for wanting these things. A well-rested, happy Kindergarten teacher is an effective Kindergarten teacher!

You deserve this. Your students deserve this.

"I love the Kindergarten Literacy Club!! The materials meet the levels of my students. The guided reading books are leveled and have helped my students move from AA reading levels to C readers!! The assessments are spot on and truly help me plan for further instruction! I use the center activities as warm up and word work before my small group instruction, it works!!"

- Julie

Take a quick peek inside the Kindergarten Literacy Club!

Take a quick peek inside the Kindergarten Literacy Club!


"I can't thank Alison enough for the club she's created for busy Kindergarten teachers. The Literacy Club is my go to place for relevant professional development, standards-based centers, and leveled readers that my students and parents enjoy. This is an investment in learning."

- Tracy

Join The Waitlist Below!


Tip: Use your personal email address to ensure you can receive our emails.

The club only opens for new members twice per year - in January and July. Joining the waitlist does not obligate you to purchase. It just ensures that you'll get an email heads-up once the club is open for new members!

"As a first year Kindergarten teacher, I was in a panic trying to figure out how to teach the foundations of reading. This club saved my sanity. Not only did I get structured plans but the advice and knowledge of how to apply it all and create my own lessons in the future. This club let me learn with others and improve myself as a teacher. Truly a blessing."

- Stephanie

Meet Alison

Kindergarten is my absolute favorite grade to teach (shhh, don’t tell the others!). As a literacy specialist, helping teachers is my passion - because I’ve struggled HARD in the past, and I want you to have a better work-life balance.

Who is this perfect for?

A club membership is ideal for any Kindergarten teacher who wants to save time AND deliver outstanding reading and writing instruction.
It’s for new teachers AND veteran teachers. (Whether you’re new to the profession or have tons of experience, everyone needs fresh ideas and support!)

Who is this not perfect for?

A club membership is not recommended for teachers of grades other than Kindergarten.
This may not be a good fit for you if you need teaching materials in Spanish, Australian English, or another language. All materials will be provided in U.S. English, and some will not be editable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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