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What You Get When You Join The Kindergarten Math Library

Over 400 amazing materials to choose from!

Addition & Subtraction: Over 80 materials, including worksheets, games, hands-on mats, puzzles, and Google Slides

Counting & Numbers: Over 200 materials, including worksheets, games, hands-on-mats, puzzles, a counting chart, and Google Slides

Data & Graphing: 4 worksheets and 2 games

Measurement: 8 worksheets and 2 games

Money & Time: Over 30 materials, including worksheets, a hands-on mat, and Google Slides

Patterning & Sorting: Over 20 materials, including worksheets and hands-on-mats

Shapes: Over 30 materials, including worksheets, games, a puzzle, hands-on mats, and Google Slides

Subitizing: 4 subitizing cards and 3 games

Advanced Skills: 2 worksheets

What You Get When You Join The Kindergarten Math Library

Patterning & Sorting: 9 hands-on mats, 11 worksheets

Counting & Numbers: 22 hands-on mats, 1 puzzle set, 10 games, 56 worksheet

Addition & Subtraction: 1 puzzle set, 6 games, 68 worksheets

Subitizing: 40 subitizing cards, 1 game

Measurement: 5 worksheets

Money & Time: 2 games, 13 worksheets

Shapes: 2 games, 9 worksheets

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